Chess online tests (aka E-Tests)

You find here 35 chess tutorials and more than 400 online chess tests ready to be solved. Each test contains 12 equally demanding tasks, for each of them you can get 0-2 points. In case of incorrect solution, the test can be repeated to improve the score and/or time.

Tests are grouped by topic and level difficulty. We currently have 12 groups from super easy "Mate in 1 move" to master level "Tactics for experts"

All tasks are interactive, if the task cannot be solved, you can use the magic button "Heeelp", which offers 3 options to choose from, so you can solve any difficult task.

Once successfully resolved , you can view, analyze, share on fb, categorize to create your own collections. Some features, e.g. viewing a task before it is resolved is for premium users only.

Test difficulty ranges from 1-10. Difficulty 1 is designed for complete beginners who can learn and practice the basic movement of chess pieces, elementary checkmate in 1 move, checkmate in 2 moves. Difficulty 2-4 is for players who have already completed the chess alphabet and want to improve their skills - find tasks on different topics: win queens, rooks, bishops, checkmate in 2 moves, checkmate in 3 moves, basics endings. Difficulty 5-7 is more challenging, suitable for players rated at least 2000, with more complex combinations and endings on different topics. Difficulty 8-10 is designed for advanced and more demanding players (rating 2200+), but some tasks are able to solve and understand players of lower performance.

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